Sunday, 21 December 2014

:: This Week ::

I Love: 
 1. Bulky scarves. sweaters, and tea
2. Hanging Christmas lights in my room
3. Warming up with tea and gingersnaps
4. Relaxing, rejuvenating, and re-imagining your dreams
5. Having a bath with about 10x to much bubble bath in it
Blog Posts I Love:
1. 15 Beauty Lessons by From Roses
2. Your Year in Review from Into Mind
3. Blogging Goals for 2015 from the Nectar Collective
4. DIY Felt Christmas Tree Lights Garland from Little Panda Crafts


Friday, 19 December 2014

:: Homeade Christmas Tea ::

Homemade Christmas Tea
Hello everyone!
When was the last time I made a tea post? A long time ago, right? When I picked up this cute little Christmas tea cup a few days ago, it inspired me to make a Christmas tea. If you try it, please let me know what you thought of it!

You will need:
♥ About 5 hazelnuts
♥ A pinch of cinnamon
♥ 1 chamomile tea bag
♥ A teaspoon of honey
♥ Sprinkles, if you would like
♥ Some shredded ginger, the more the stronger 

1. Throw it all in a small teapot! You may want to put some of the smaller parts in a infuser, but you don't have to.
2. Take out the tea bag after 4 minutes
4. Let the rest steep for about  5 more minutes, or however long you would like
5. Pour some into your favorite Christmas cup and enjoy!

Homeade Chriatmas Tea
By the way, check out this giveaway on Emily's blog.
Christmas is in less then a week! Have fun and enjoy your holidays.


Tuesday, 16 December 2014

:: Winter Wonderland Challange Task 2 ::

Sweater: American Eagle Similar-Similar//Skirt: Stitches Similar//Leggings: Old Navy//Socks: Similar
Hello Everyone!
The Second Winter Wonderland Challenge was your favorite wintertime OOTD. So lets get started!
I actually wore this outfit today, not just for the photo. I love the sweater and socks because they are so cozy! Its freezing where I live, so cozy outfits are a must. (You can see my hands curled up in the sweater because it is so cold!) I also really like this skirt with a sweater because it is long enough so you mostly just see the flippy part. (Flippy is not a word but thats not important. Its the best was to describe it)

I'm not going to take a picture of my makeup because I don't really like taking photos of my face, but I'll describe my winter makeup routine for you guys! Its pretty simple, at least in my opinion.
1. After I wash my face, I like to put on a light moisturizer
2. Next I put concealer under my eyes and anywhere else I need it
3. I apply BB cream all over my face to even out my complexion and blend it well
4. I usually like to add a slightly rosy blush next
5. I top all of this off with a powder
1. I start off by applying a slightly shimmery nude eyeshadow all over my lid
2. Next I add some darker brown shadow in the crease of my eyelids and blend well
3. I also like to add a white-ish shadow to the inside of my eyes to open it up
4. I usually add a thin line of black eyeliner just on my top lash line
5. I finish of with a couple coats of black mascara
To complete my routine, I usually add a sheer or shimmery gloss to my lips.
This sounds like a lot when I write it all out, but it usually takes me 10 minutes tops!

Anyways, I'm inside now, sipping some tea and eating gingersnaps while trying desperately to warm up after taking photos outside with only a sweater on.
What is your favorite way to stay warm in the winter?


Sunday, 14 December 2014

:: This Week ::

I Love:
1. Gingersnaps and milk
 2. The Nutcracker ballet 
 3. Chocolate cupcakes with candy cane icing 
4. Christmas shopping on a sunny day with tea in your hand
5. Practically performing a whole musical while you're alone in the house
Blog Posts I love:
 1. Smokey Brown Eye Tutorial from Keiko Lynn
4. Flourless Mint Chocolate Cake from Cider with Rosie
5. Flourless Double Chocolate Brownies from Running with Spoons

Christmas is almost here! Are you guys excited?


Friday, 12 December 2014

:: Winter Wishlist ::

Hello Everyone! 

I love winter and I love making wishlists, so this was really fun to make! I'd like to highlight through this Winter Wishlist. is a site where you can buy and sell gift cards at a discounted price. You can find gift cards for almost all your favorite stores, even Starbucks! Buy gift cards here and sell them here.

What are your winter must-haves?


Monday, 8 December 2014

:: Holiday Gift Guide: For The Bunny Lover ::

A while ago Miss Lady in Lavender requested a bunny gift guide. I'm sorry it took so long, I had, and still have, a HUGE backlog on posts. 

I was so happy when she requested a bunny one! I love bunnies, they're so  cute.

I wish that I had time to make some more of these, they're so fun.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!


Sunday, 7 December 2014

:: This Week ::

I Love: 
1) Twinkling city lights
 2) Seeing Christmas trees in the hallway 
3) Slowing down to dream your wildest dreams
4) Doing homework, singing along to Lights, and petting my cat
 5) The morning after a show where you wake up with all of the songs in your head 
Blog Posts I Love:
1) How to Study from Little Kawaii Daisy
 2) Banana Fritter Cupcakes from Laura Pie
 3) Homemade Apple Butter from A Beautiful Mess
4) Festive Nails: Mad for Plaid from Wonder Forest
 5) Mint on my Mind and Frugal Thoughts from Strawberry Bunny

Also, I reached 100 followers on Bloglovin this week. A huge that you to everyone following me!